Time To Break-up With Drug store Toothpaste

We live in a world of wellness awareness. Most of us have begun or are completely converted to a healthier lifestyle . From the food we eat, to the skincare we use. The surge of clean and green products took over the industry and show no signs of letting up. We have embraced these products, we praise them, we snap 'shelfies' of our bathroom vanities. Heres the thing, almost always, somewhere in these posts, I see a sneaky misplaced toothpaste tube. Usually Crest or Colgate. I'm always amazed that this tube filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients is still relevant after so many years. Maybe people just don't think about toothpaste. Its not a sexy product. Its a means to an end. Well, get ready for a reeducation to one of most over looked, yet most commonly used products in everyones daily life.

The typical toothpaste has the following main ingredients:


This ingredient keeps toothpaste from drying out, gives it a consistent texture and helps it glide smoothly from the tube. Although it can go by multiple names — glycerol, glycerin or glycerine — it’s all the same molecule. When it’s not used in toothpaste, glycerol can also be added to processed foods such as yogurt, pre-cooked rice and peanut butter.


Sorbitol plays two parts: Along with glycerol, it helps hold the toothpaste together, and it’s also a sweetening agent. Saccharin is another common sweetener. This lab made sugar is typically made from crude oil

Sodium lauryl sulfate

This ingredient is a detergent, creating a bubbly foam like in soap and shampoo. Sodium lauryl sulfate can cause mouth irritation and canker sores. They are also known to cause stomach issues and possible cancers.


As for that monty flavor- almost all drug store bought toothpastes, do not actually have mint on them. they have artificial min t flavoring. Nice again man made ingredients discussed as something clean and good for you.

That brings us to Lebon Toothpastes.

Heres what all Lebon toothpastes have in them:

LEBON Toothpastes contain Organic Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) and Organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis): they help to naturally prevent bacterial growth, plaque formation, cavity and to protect gums.

The WHITENING SERIES contains some Papaya extracts (Carica Papaya) whose enzymes have a proteolytic action, remove plaque and stains gently, without causing any abrasion to the teeth.

This is the Natural Whitening Effect from Papaya.

Heres what Lebon toothpastes DON"T have in them:

NO SLSNO FLUORIDENO PEGNO PARABENNO COLORINGSNO TRICLOSANNO SACCHARINNO SORBITOLNO XYLITOLNO TITANIUM DIOXIDENO SULFATESNO GLUTEN Basically Lebon toothpastes keep your mouths Flora intact. Which is how its meant to be. When you cause huge shifts in your mouths Ph balance, this can lead to bad breath, dry mouth ect.Keeping your mouth balanced with clean essential oils will keep your breath fresh all day and squeaky clean for hours.I have yet to experience anything as whitening as the papaya extracts in the Lebon toothpaste. One tube later your teeth are dramatically whitened. So we are now at the point where I tell you whats wrong with this organic toothpaste- the packaging is so exceptional, you never want to actually use. It becomes a beautiful display in your bathroom, thats too darn pretty to touch.Hmmmmmmmm, this is what they call first world problems :) HAPPY BRUSHING Available for purchase in our online Shine Shop

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