Throwback Thursday

If you're on social media at all, you know what Throwback Thursday is. We all post old pictures of ourselfs and highlight days gone by. I love reading the comments on these pictures... "wow, you haven't changed a bit", "you look exactly the same". Does anyone ever post "OMG, have you ever fallen apart" or "man, have you aged". Social media is a funny thing, secret thoughts hidden behind 'likes' and so called compliments. I don't often post Throwback pictures- reason one is I seemed to have wiped out all traces of my past lives. Moved too many times I guess, or no digital pictures from way back when, but beyond that I like who I am now. What I look like. What I stand for. Maybe in 5 years I will look at a picture from today and think, "man, have I fallen apart", but on this Thursday, I feel content to post a picture of my current self. So heres to Thursday!


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