Award Winning Facials

Custom Facial $180 (60min)

We will customize a treatment that supports your personal skin goals and addresses your concerns. Whether your skin needs a deep cleansing facial, extra extractions, a brightening peel, microdermabrasion, or oxygen therapy- you’ll get exactly what your skin needs to look its very best.

This is an amazing facial to begin your skincare journey with us at Shine

This treatment is recommended monthly.

Radiance Facial: $180 (60min)

This custom facial adds and instant glow and Bightness to the skin. We start with a brightening cleansing treatment and auroma-steam. Our esthetician then does a light exfloiating "no down time" peel to lift off dull, dty surface cells. We then do extractions if needed. Once skin is perfectly prepped we preform advanced tissue manipulation and massage techniques to rejuvenate and brighten. We then use red light LED to enhance skin tone and pigment. Your finishing mask is rich in natural enzymes to lift pigment, antioxidant-rich red algae, fine clays and pure vitamin C are to brighten, even skin tone and refine skin texture. You leave with spf and glowing skin!

Purity facial: $180 (60min)

This facial not only cleans and clears the skin; it calms, soothes and reduces redness and inflammation. Amaxzng for anyone with congestion, oily skin, irritation and breakouts.

This Treatment Includes:

-DEEP CLEANSING and exfoliation customized to target acne and inflammation.
-EXTRA time for extractions.
-HIGH FREQUENCY for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.
-MASK under LED lights for deep cleansing benefits.
-HYDRATE an infusion of colloidal gold & silver is delivered to skin to heal and hydrate
-NOURISH & BALANCE serums and moisturize rare applied and massaged to skin
-LYMPHATIC drainage massage of neck & chest.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment: $60 (150 min)

After we fully prep your skin, our estheticians will select either Gua Sha tools or facial cups to lifting, sculpt and detoxify your face. The treatment smoothes and oxygenates your neck, jaw, nasal labial lines, under-eye, brow, forehead and scalp. The result is a reduction in the appearance of congestion ,wrinkles, sagging and dullness, under-eye darkness and puffiness. For most, a more clearly defined jawline, smoothing and lifting of sagging neck muscles, lifting of the brow and eye and an overall brighter skin complexion can be noticed after one session.

We recommend a series of 3-6 sessions for more lasting results.

Unlike most modern anti-aging methods like botox, fillers and other high tech gadgetry, our FACIAL GUA SHA REJUVENATION and CUPPING actually elevates the health and function of your skin and tissues. Many of our clients report a reduction in jaw tension, headaches and sinus congestion from this treatment along with improved skin and facial appearance.

Shine Signature Facial: $280 (90min)

This award winning facial was carefully designed to give amazingly noticeable results after just one session. Leave with visably lifted, tightened, clearer skin!

This treatment includes:

-CLEANSING massage with custom exfoliation and careful extractions.
-MICRODERMABRASION- deeply exfoliate dead, dull surface layers.
-MICROCURRENT to signal cellular communication, oxygenation, muscle toning and collagen stimulation. Lifts and tightens the skin. Defines contours.
-MASK surrounded by LED lights
-HYDRATE an infusion of colloidal gold, copper, & silver is delivered to the skin to plump and soothe
-NOURISH mindfully selected serums and moisturizer is luxuriously applied.
-LYMPHATIC MASSAGE- massage sculpts and detoxifies waste built up in cells. Reduces puffiness, helps with circulation and deep relaxation.

(Gua-Sha, Cupping and manual manipulation used)

The Lifting Facial: $200 (60min)

This advanced facial targets and stimulates muscles by using low amp wave forms known as Micro current to give a more toned and lifted appearance to the face and neck. This facial gives amazing improvements in skin elasticity, collagen stimulation and over all glow. We customize a program for your specific facial contour needs, creating the optimal lifting and reshaping experience. This is the hero facial- known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’!

Includes amazing lifting massage using wavelength gloves. Experience the magic!

Teen Facial  $75 (45min)


Great skin begins here. A highly deep cleansing facial with a focus on extractions and antibacterial high frequency. We will Soothe redness and combat irritation with soothing probiotics that align skins PH balance and restore harmony to skin.

This facial will stop bacterial growth in its tracts and help you attain glowing healthy skin