Award Winning Facials

Firm & Sculpt: $170 (60min)

This facial offers amazing results for lifting and firmimg the skin. We begin with a deep cleansing, next is aromatherapy steam, extractions if needed, high frequency for clearing bacteria. We then preform advanced tissue manipulation and massage that increase blood flow and circulation. Excellent for draining toxins. Last is a custom mask to sculpt, lift, firm and hydrate—helping skin defy gravity, appear more firm and reveal a youthful glow that last for days.

Radiance Facial: $170 (60min)

This custom facial adds and instant glow and Bightness to the skin. We start with a brightening cleansing treatment and auroma-steam. Our esthetician then does a manual exfloiation to lift off dull, dty surface cells. We then do extractions if needed. Once skin id perfectly prepped we preform advanced tissue manipulation and massage techniques to rejuvenate and brighten. Your maks is rich in natural enzymes to lift pigment, antioxidant-rich red algae, fine clays and pure vitamin C are to brighten, even skin tone and refine skin texture. You leave with spf and glowing skin!

Purity facial: $165 (60min)

This decongesting facial combines cutting-edge skincare with advanced lymphatic drainage techniques to detoxify and rejuvenate. Antioxidant-rich red algae, tea tree oils, and fine clays exfoliate and gently remove impurities to promote a clear complexion, reduce pore size and refine skin texture. Extractions, eucalyptus steam, high frequency and skin purification included. Perfect for breakouts or skin that appears congested.

Lymphatic Drainage: $45 (30 min)

After we fully prep your skin, our estheticians will select either Gua Sha tools or facial cups to lifting, scalp and detoxify your face. The treatment smoothes and oxygenates your neck, jaw, nasal labial lines, under-eye, brow, forehead and scalp. The result is a reduction in the appearance of congestion ,wrinkles, sagging and dullness, under-eye darkness and puffiness. For most, a more clearly defined jawline, smoothing and lifting of sagging neck muscles, lifting of the brow and eye and an overall brighter skin complexion can be noticed after one session. We recommend a series of 3-6 sessions for more lasting results. Unlike most modern anti-aging methods like botox, fillers and other high tech gadgetry, our FACIAL GUA SHA REJUVENATION and CUPPING actually elevates the health and function of your skin and tissues. Many of our clients report a reduction in jaw tension, headaches and sinus congestion from this treatment along with improved skin and facial appearance.

Shine Signature Facial: $250 (75min)

This award winning facial uses a combination of Radio Frequency and Micro-current to lift and sculpt skin. Skin is prepared with a double cleanse, auromatic steam, ultrasonic skin scrub. We then target specific areas of the skin that need stimulation and lifting. This includes lines around the eyes, lips and neck. We especially focus on the jaw and jowel are to reshape and firm slackened skin. Next you relax and slip away while we provide lymphatic drainage and toxin removal all while stimulating oxygenation and cell renewal.Mask and massage finish this transformative treatment. Noticeable results after one treatment..

Chirally correct peel: $65 (30min)

A highly concentrated facial peel for deep exfoliation with minimal downtime. This peel helps to address visible skin imperfections revealing brighter, more radiant skin. Shines Chirally Correct Peel uses technology that boosts the efficacy of the peel while reducing irritation and inflammation. This peel also includes ingredients that promote the well being of connective tissue and support skin immunity.

Collagen Eye Treatment $25

Pure collagen fibers and peptides to visibly plump fine lines, restore moisture, and soothe the sensitive eye area. Can be added to any facial or as a stand alone treatment.