Up until now, nail polish has been a little bottle crammed full of chemical and toxic ingredients. As awareness has increased, nail ranges have become more ethical and more compatible with a healthier and greener lifestyle. 
It’s now possible to bring together coverage, shine and hold without compromising on eco-friendly convictions!

Bio-based nail polish
These nail polishes are 84% bio-based. What does that mean? We’ve replaced solvents derived from petrol or natural gas (yuck!) with plant-derived solvents (that’s more like it!). So, we use solvents made from natural origin raw materials such as cotton, maize, potato, wheat and manioc. What about the remaining 16%? This allows the polish to retain its easy application, shine and hold with natural and/or organic pigments (depending on the shade), 
filmogenic agents and plasticizers. It’s part of a necessary, controlled and accepted compromise.
As a plus: our polishes are enriched with plant keratin and starflower oil to nourish nails.

Our range is vegan and cruelty-free. 
Everything is made in France using short supply chains where possible. .
As for packaging, we use biodegradable and recyclable paper from sustainable, FSC-certified forests.

For an even smarter manicure, we’ve developed a 2-in-1 combined base and top coat. 
And for gold-medal winning wear, apply our secret weapon: The Ultimate Top Coat!


The Amazing BB Polish treats nails, hardens, conditions and protects while giveing a beautiful, classsic wash of pink to the nail.


The cuitivle oil 

Infused with sweet almond oil, Precious Oil restores your nails and contours to health and gorgeousness!
- 97% natural origin and plant-based ingredients
- Includes Vitamins E and F, which works wonders to repair damaged skin.  
- Light texture, not too greasy 
- Soothing action, great results: smooth and glossy nails 
- Vegan, cruelty free, paraben free. 
- Pleasant fragrance with notes of lemon. 
By the way, lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties as well as cosmetic benefits.


Lavendar Polish Remover

Lavender Nail Polish Remover is fragranced with lavender and enriched with sweet almond oil, made up of 100% plant-based  solvents made from wheat, maize and cane sugar.

100% plant-based (and therefore of 100% natural origin)
Gentle and effective action
Delicate lavender perfume
Hydrated nails and cuticles
Protected nail bed


Free from acetone and ethyl acetate.
Free from the strong odour associated with traditional nail polish removers.
No more weak and dry nails!

Nailmatic Nail Care

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