A beauty secret whispered in our ears by horses ... 

This Purple Repairing Shampoo is an innovative formula created to illiminate Brassiness! 

Composed of 90% natural ingredients without sulfates or parabens, this professional formula combines keratin, hair fiber protein and biotin, the star vitamin in this product involved in the renewal of hair cells. 

Non-irritating, Purple Repairing Shampoo gently cleanses, deeply nourishes and repairs all types of blond and gray hair while neutralizing yellowish tones. 

Thanks to its unique composition, this shampoo stimulates the growth of hair while making strands more flexible, thick and manageable. 

We fall for its subtly perfumed scent of a touch of very nice leather. 



Usage tips

Apply on wet hair and manes.

Massage to lather. 

Leave for 3 minutes then rinse.  Leave on longer for hair to take a lavender hue

Renew if necessary. 

Follow with conditioner



Hydrolyzed Keratin

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein 



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