Wholeness Cards:

Build a powerful morming routine with these beautiful affrimation cards. Pick a card each morning and see what thoughts and energy it provokes thoughout the day.

A great step and daily tool for self Love, Confidence, a self care routine, Mindfulness.

Wholness Cards make the most wonderful, thoughtful gift. we get so much feedback how much the recipient adored their deck, in fact most people who recieve as a gift wind up purchasing several sets to alos give to friends.


Positive Affrimations For Kids:

Colorful, meaningful Cards with a set of converstaion starters and activites for each one. A brilliant way to engage your child in deeper thought and purpose. 

A great tradtion to begin in your family. Each morning select a card and have everyone discuss their thoughts. Builds confidence, awarness, mindfulness.


Healing Cards- Affirmation Deck