This one of a kind formulation, helps to keep hair shiny healthy and strong. Watch your hair grow faster and look more luminous than ever before. The key is the proprietary blend of ingredients.

LACTIC ACID: The gentlest of AHA. The lactic acid helps the scalp to stay at its optimal pH level and has hydrating and softening properties. Lifts and removes dead cells. Opens follicles. 

PREBIOTICS: A mix of ultra-gentle fibers and sugars that feed your scalp good bacteria and help support the scalps barrier, with an antibacterial action against bad ones

FERMENTED RICE WATER: Rice water has been traditionally used as facial and hair wash for centuries by Asian women to improve skin complexion and hair condition. Nutritious rice water fermented by Saccharomyces is an extraordinary ingredient known to keep healthy and shiny hair.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT: Preserves the cohesion of cuticle scales. As a result, hair’s protective outer shield is maintained, blocking the entry of damaging elements. Therefore, the internal matter will be less attacked by harmful factors. It is claimed to help promote more resilient, shiny, frizz-free and disciplined hair.

Hair & Scalp Treatment