World Famous Soho House excusive Organic Bath and Shower line is availbale for you to experience at home!

Skip the memberhip and get all the perks.

These luxurios cleansers ensures each shower, bath, experience is an opportunity to unwind as therapeutic aromatics help to uplift and charge the senses.

These gentle gels and lotions are suitable for all types of skin and will not leave behind a feeling of dryness or overly greasy. 

Bath and Shower Gel can be used on a puff or sponge in the shower for an especially rich lather. Alternatively, pour one capful into running water for a fragrant bath.

Lotions best applied on damp skin to lock in moisture and scent.


Grumpy Cow- Uplifting. Improve your mood with the scent of Red manderin, petagrain & Grapfruit


Lazy Cow-Calm-inducing Chamomile and Sandalwood which is known to aid contemplation, our Bath & Shower Gel will soothe and provide that perfect moment of peace.A potent combination of calm-inducing Chamomile and Sandalwood.


Wild Cow-Lather your body to the natural scent of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary essential oils, that gently cleanses while nourishes the skin. Is perfect for when you want to start the day on a high or a night out with a bang. Invigorating bath and shower gel with a light, oriental fragrance


Knackered Cow-When you re burnt out, struggling to concentrate and longing for that extra hour in bed, fast-track to relaxation using our Knackered Cow range. Featuring a herbaceous blend of Lavender to calm and Eucalyptus to clarify and uplift, our Bath & Shower Gel will naturally cleanse and de-stress.


Moody Cow -Shower gel formulated with essential oils of rose geranium to help regulate emotions and hormones.Helps to relax whilst frankincense soothes and calms


Grumpy Cow- when you re stressed, irritable and close to breaking point, be uplifted using our grumpy cow range. featuring a citrus blend of mandarin red and grapefruit to invigorate, and petit grain to naturally cleanse, our bath & shower gel will leave you energized.


Cowshed Bath & Shower Products


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